CIVIL Engineering Consultants Company Limited

CIVIL Engineering Consultants Company Limited (Sociedade de Consultadoria em Engenharia CIVIL, Limitada) provides technical services in planning, design, consulting, and management of civil engineering projects. While serving mainly in the domains for civil engineering, we also cover the E&M aspects, which allows us to provide a complete service package to all relevant matters. Currently the company has the following divisions: 

  • Division of Civil Engineering Management, Co-ordination, and Supervision.

  • Division of Civil Engineering Consulting, Planning, and Development.

  • Division of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

  • Division of Safety.

  • Division of Administration.

The details of the divisions are illustrated in the Company Organization Chart. While each division has its own designated functions, the divisions also work closely together in order to strengthen and broaden the scope of services of the company.

The majority of our staffs are residents of Macau. Our engineers and technical staffs received tertiary education from many different countries. This variety of educational background, together with our good understanding of local Macau engineering codes and regulations, enable our team to be very versatile and efficient in handing challenges that we face in the different aspects of civil engineering works.